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unseen patron and ambassadors

levison Wood

Levison Wood is Unseen’s Patron and a British explorer, writer and photographer. Says Levison: “I am proud to be connected to this wonderful organisation which is a beacon of hope and provides much-needed support for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

baroness Stroud

Philippa Stroud is CEO of the Legatum Institute. Philippa’s life and career have been strongly influenced by her passion to tackle poverty and social breakdown. Previously, she was Chief Executive of the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), where the “It Happens Here” report was conceived of, one of the foundational reports into modern slavery in the UK. She has also worked as Special Adviser to Iain Duncan Smith MP (then Secretary of State for Work and Pensions), and also to the Prime Minister from 2012.

stephen chapman

Stephen retired from his role as the Anti-Slavery Coordinator with the Welsh Government in April 2021, where he worked closely with the Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline and raised awareness across Wales. Stephen firmly believes that the more people who are made aware of the crime of modern slavery, then the more likely we are to identify and support victims, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

james ewins QC

Many partners will know James for the review on visas for overseas domestic workers he undertook for the UK Government. James has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of modern slavery, and Unseen is delighted to have James as one of our ambassadors and welcome his support for the Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline at key events each year.

senior leadership team

Unseen is managed by a Senior Leadership Team who report to the Board of Trustees.

Andrew Wallis



I started wanting to work on modern slavery when a colleague in my previous job returned from a trip to Ukraine recounting how he had been on the scene as a woman was about to be recruited by traffickers (he had managed to prevent it).

Justine Currell



I joined Unseen in May 2016 following a 28-year career in the Civil Service. During that time I held a variety of operational and policy posts in a number of Government departments, culminating in leading on the human trafficking agenda at the Home Office.

sian hartstill


Sian became aware of the issue of modern slavery in the UK during her time as a marketing consultant, working with a client who was very proactive in this area. She knew at that point she wanted to do more. Sian joined Unseen in May 2022 to lead the Fundraising, Communications and Operations functions. Her career to date has provided a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of people development, marketing, communications, fundraising and operations.

Matt Portt

Finance Director


I qualified as an accountant with a large regional firm before moving into industry, specialising in process improvement and analysing profitability in food manufacturing operations with turnovers up to £200m.


We are governed by a Board of Trustees. For our Memorandum and Articles of Association, please see our filing history with Companies House

Rosey Hurst


Rosey founded Impactt in 1997 to make what works for workers work for business. She founded Sedex and launched the Benefits for Business and Workers Programme which links improving productivity with a better deal for workers. She completed Impactt’s transition to Employee Ownership in 2021.  She is passionate about re-humanising the workplace and has pioneered large-scale initiatives to remedy modern slavery. Rosey is a member of the Responsible Investment Advisory Council at BMO-GAM. Rosey’s passion for the topic can be seen in her TEDx talk

Jan is a clinical leader, coach and educator with a passion for making a positive impact. She has facilitated personal learning and growth in successful executives through to highly traumatised people who have found fulfilling ways forward.

Jan is keen to ensure individuals, groups and community systems develop resilience to hold conflicting tensions. She supports this aim by helping people look beneath the surface and think about their reactions, both conscious and unconscious, to complex unsettling situations making time and space for creative developments to emerge.

Jan makes her contribution towards a world without modern slavery with the hope that others will join this movement to make a powerful sustainable difference.

Dr Jan Birtle

deputy Chair


Ian Theodoreson

Chair of Audit & Finance Committee

Ian is an experienced charity finance professional having held senior finance positions in some of the UK’s largest charities over a span of 30 years. He was appointed Finance Director of Save the Children (UK) in 1987 before taking up the post of UK Director of Corporate Resources at Barnardo’s in 1995. The last nine years of his working career were spent as Chief Finance Officer to the Church of England centrally.

Since retirement in 2017 Ian has continued his involvement with the charity sector and became a trustee of Unseen in 2019.

He is passionate about leadership, good governance and using finance strategically as an enabler of mission. Having also worked as a debt counsellor on a voluntary basis he understands the devastating impact of “financial slavery” and the importance of giving people back control over their lives, which is why the work of Unseen UK resonates so strongly with him.

Eric Anderson is a specialist in business and human rights, with over 20 years’ experience that includes corporate strategy, policy development, business improvement and supply chain management.

He currently leads the human rights team at Tesco and joined Unseen as a Trustee in February 2022. Previously, Eric led BT’s global anti-slavery programme.

During this time he helped set up the UK’s Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline and co-founded Tech Against Trafficking, a coalition of tech companies working with global experts to combat modern slavery and trafficking.

eric anderson

Sammy Burt


Having developed brands, marketing and cultural strategies with a variety of companies and charities Sammy is now International Brand Manager for a global healthcare organisation. She is also a mentor to women leaders in international NGOs via Aspire for Equality.

Sammy believes that brand is more than just a logo – it should be authentic in all that an organisation say and do, inside and out – and Unseen does what it says on the tin!

For Sammy inclusion and equality for all are paramount. The right to be whomever you choose to be should be a basic fact of life. Unfortunately, it isn’t always. Sammy became involved with Unseen because she saw that it gives people back the basics – the right to own one’s self, the right to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be. It shines a light on the unseen in our societies and brings them in from the dark.

Raquel is an experienced governance and compliance professional. A qualified lawyer, she has been a general counsel and company secretary for both listed and large private companies.

Raquel started her career in the City and has also spent several years working in Australia.

Raquel is passionate about business integrity and ethics, and views the way that Unseen works together with businesses as a critical element in the fight to eradicate modern slavery. Raquel was also a founding member of the Safeguarding Leads Network UK.

Raquel McGrath

Andrea McMahon

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