How your support helped survivors this Christmas

Posted by Unseen Team on the 31st January 2020 in Survivors

At Christmas, survivors and their children came together for an afternoon of music, food, games and presents at the annual Christmas party. A colleague’s dad even dressed up as Santa for the occasion, which provided hours of entertainment for the kids.

Our amazing community of supporters donated children’s toys, books, DVDs, warm clothes, pamper kits and useful household items for survivors to enjoy. When you live on a tiny allowance, it makes such a difference to see your children enjoying opening lots of presents.

There were even enough presents for the adults; one survivor in our women’s safehouse was waiting until the boxing day sales to treat herself to a new pair of fluffy slippers. She was absolutely delighted that our kind supporters gifted her a pair just in time for Christmas and that the donor seemed to know “exactly what she wanted and needed.”

One survivor in our outreach service had been feeling very down recently, and the party gave her the opportunity to meet other people from her home country. She previously hadn’t met any other mothers in the area and has now made some new friends to help support her and her baby as she recovers.

There were also survivors who would be moving on from the safehouses to the outreach project soon, and the afternoon provided a relaxed environment to meet their new support workers and get to know others who live in the local area.

At the men’s safehouse, the residents enjoyed a Christmas themed photography workshop. One man had recently arrived at the safehouse and so was still quite nervous; as soon as the other men started taking part in the workshop, he joined in and they spent the next three hours taking photos together.

Survivors from our women’s safehouse started the celebrations on the 1st of December and certainly made the most of the festive season. They made their own decorations for every room of the house, organised their own secret Santa and had Christmas movie marathons. They also took turns cooking delicious festive treats from their home countries to share with each other.

This would not have been possible without your kind and continued support – thank you.