Keep Cups – a cost effective, sustainable solution

Earlier this year a Guardian article conservatively estimated that the number of paper cups handed out by coffee shops was more than 8 million a day, over 3 billion a year. They further reported that they believed less than 1 in 400 of these where being recycled. The ethical, environment and cost issues surrounding our 21st century need for ‘caffeination’ are starting to gain traction and there is the beginning of a movement towards an attempt to change consumer behaviour, kudos has to be given to the French Government who have recently committed to banning disposable plates and cups by 2020. We have to grasp that we can’t keep continuing to live as if everything is disposable and I hope that the idea behind the Liberal Democrats 5p tax on coffee cups may be a prompting factor for lots of us to look at the way we go about fueling our caffeine habits.

I am passionate about trying to live ethically and in an environmentally friendly way, I also, like a lot of us am overly reliant on my daily caffeine fix, my solution, I invested in a Keep Cup. In terms of an eco-friendly option I am not sure you can do much better than using a Keep Cup. Keep Cup was shortlisted as ‘Ethical Product of the Decade’ in the Observer Ethical Awards 2015 and state that their aim is to provide a line of eco-friendly coffee cups to campaign for behavioural change. In essence they want to try and change our common attitudes of discarding the things we use, to reusing them – I am convinced and supportive of this agenda.

I have personally been using a Keep Cup for the last 8 years and was converted to them when a friend brought one back for me from Australia – over the years my Keep Cup has travelled well accompanying me on long car journeys, camping trips, and further afield, I have purchased them for friends and sent them around the globe, even converting the GB Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team to using them post seeing the amount of caffeine they consumed at various training events and the mountain of waste that followed their drinking habits. My Keep Cup is dish washable, lightweight and non-breakable – it even gets me a discount on my chosen hot beverage in most coffee shops.

Working for an organisation, Unseen, focussed on solutions to tackle modern slavery, we have worked with Keep Cup for the last 2 years to bring you our very own reusable coffee cup. We are biased, but we think this is a great way to drink your ethically sourced coffee in a sustainable way. Not only does purchasing an Unseen Keep Cup contribute to saving the environment, it directly supports an organisation working with survivors of slavery.

Whether you care about the environment, slavery, spending wisely or any combination of these three, this solution is for you…behavioural change, starts with each one of us – why not order your cup today!

For those of you to still be convinced, do the maths;

· Let's assume your coffee costs you £2.50 a day. Per year this equates to £912.50

· A cup of coffee plus the potential 5p ‘cup tax’ increases your annual coffee cost to £930.75 costing you an extra £18.75 per year

· Buy a Keep Cup from Unseen for £12.00

· Save at least 20p on coffee price each time you fill it up your new annual coffee bill comes in at £839.50, saving you £73 a year! Even with the cost of the Keep Cup you are still saving £61!

Join us as we work towards a world without slavery and order your Keep Cup today