Making a Slave - Honor Willis

Posted by Unseen Supporters on the 17th August 2016 in Video, Survivors, Slavery, News, Media, Human Trafficking

BBC Three’s 3-part series follows volunteers who signed up to live the life of a modern day slave for 24 hours. Delivered to their gang masters, they are stripped of their identities and forced to work.

Honor Willis tells Unseen of her experience…

I was in a group with two other guys and one woman. We had all volunteered ourselves for the project to put ourselves under the gruelling pain of what it can be like for some slaves in this modern day. I found it particularly hard to remind myself that it wasn't real and that it would be over soon for us as it felt so real and it was incredibly hard not to take everything personally. We were made to do some quite normal jobs but it was just the way they made us do them that was horrific. They make even the simplest things impossible to do how they want them.

I can say that I am so relieved I have come home to a safe place and feel warm and well fed, though throughout it was hard to imagine living in this circumstances for more than we did. I have so much respect for those who have been through worse and for longer as I struggled with just 24 hours, and those weren't even real life...just pretend!

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