Standing in solidarity with victims and survivors - Together Let’s Nail It!

Modern slavery can be an overwhelming subject to think about. For most, it conjures visual imagery of chains, of overcrowded slave ships, of white slave owners and black slaves, mistreatment, injustice and exploitation. Sadly, for the majority of the population, it is fair to say that we think of slavery as an issue consigned to the past, learnt about in history books. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Slavery is still very much an issue ingrained and embedded in our societies – in the clothes, food, goods and services we buy. It looks different to the slavery of the 18th century but it is there, hidden in our communities. Put crudely modern slavery is a system which employs the principles of property law and applies them to humans, classifying people as property. Items to be owned, bought and sold.

It is predicted there are 13,000 slaves in the UK at any one time. It is a crime and an abuse of human rights. It is happening all around us but often goes unnoticed – quite literally unseen. People working in everyday jobs can be victims. In the UK, victims have been found working on farms, in factories, nail bars, car washes, hotels and restaurants – places we all may visit, walk past or even frequent.

To kick-start Anti-Slavery Week (17th-23rd October 2016) and to raise awareness of modern slavery, Unseen is launching Let’s Nail It! - a fun campaign with a serious message.

Let's Nail It! aims to raise awareness that slavery is happening in our communities and to encourage everyone – the public, frontline professionals and businesses – to stand in solidarity with victims and survivors.

We’re asking everyone (men and women) to paint their nails in bright colours to highlight that modern slavery is happening, here and now. Our aim is to get 13,000 people – one for every potential slave in the UK today and to raise £200,000 to keep Unseen support services open and supporting those who have experienced being exploited and enslaved.
Unseen’s ‘Let’s Nail it campaign’ #letsnailit offers people the chance to engage with the issue of slavery. We want to highlight that slavery is still happening here in our communities and that we, each and every one of us has a role to play in stopping it.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the Unseen website and pledge your support.