Why we’d love you to become a Room Sponsor…

At Unseen, we believe donors should be given a choice over where their money goes, so they are directly contributing to something they believe in.

So we have developed a Room Sponsorship Scheme. It means 100% of your donation goes to the project of your choice and helps provide the nurturing environment a survivor needs to begin their recovery in a safe haven.

Our new safe-house for men is the first of its kind in the country. It is a dedicated refuge where specialist staff are available 24/7 for those who’ve been subjected to physical and psychological mistreatment by their abusers. They might be suffering from symptoms of post-traumatic stress, or panic attacks, or they may have such low self-esteem that even the simplest of tasks, like catching a bus, is insurmountable.

Staff work with each survivor to establish what help they need, and then together they work towards goals the survivor identifies. This might be to learn English, volunteer in the community, or to simply sleep better and look after their health.

By sponsoring a room, you can take an active part in someone’s recovery and give them hope for a better future.

Sponsorship can be as much of as little as you can afford, usually £10 a month. You will receive special bi-annual updates on the survivors we’re working with, to see how important your donations are.

We hope you’ll join our growing list of special sponsors. The good news is you can sign up now!

Or, to speak to someone about your sponsorship, please call 0303 040 2888.

We look forward to having you on-board.