Accessing RIO Services

Police & Crime Commissioner Funding

Unseen has been awarded funding by the Police Commissioner to run a pilot across the Avon and Somerset Police Force area.

This funding allows Unseen's Resettlement, Integration and Outreach (RIO) team to expand the services we offer to frontline staff and agencies and the support we can offer potential victims.

As part of the pilot we are providing the following services:

  • Accompanying law enforcement visits across the region to engage with potential victims
  • Provision of on-going information and advice to frontline staff and agencies on trafficking as they encounter potential victims
  • Monitoring the number of victims of trafficking found across the region as a result of the pilot and the outcomes for them
  • Expansion of the provision of outreach/resettlement services to victims across the Avon and Somerset Force area

What can RIO Offer Frontline Staff?

If you think you may be working with a potential victim of slavery or trafficking you are able to contact the RIO Team for assistance, via email or phone. They will be able to offer advice and assist you with information about:

  • Trafficking and slavery generally
  • Indicators to be looking for
  • The government's National Referral Mechanism (NRM)
  • Services and support your client can access and may be entitled to
  • The process of entering the NRM and support it affords people
  • Accessing language specific resources
  • Best practice when engaging with a potential victim

Staff may also be able to offer face-to-face support to you and your client if appropriate.

When you make an enquiry, a member of our Team will follow this up within 72 hours to take further information from you and discuss how we can help.

The Team will then follow up with you 4 weeks post your initial enquiry to be able to monitor and record outcomes, this will be done via phone and take no more than 15 minutes.

Contact the RIO Team