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Help us break the cycle of abuse by supporting our campaign, so we can prevent exploitation before it begins

help us break the cycle of abuse

For the third year running, Unseen’s Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline has seen an increase in reports of sexual exploitation – last year, it was 15%. Almost always the victims are women, and each case represents a life ripped apart.  

At Unseen, not only do we help women rebuild their fractured lives at our safehouse, but we also use data from our Helpline to build an accurate picture of traffickers’ recruitment and control methods so government and law enforcement can break the cycle of this horrific abuse before it starts. 

Please help us continue this vital work.  

A gift of just £20 could go towards a Helpline Advisor, who can answer calls for help and get a victim to safety. 

The data collected from these phone calls will also be used to develop better strategies to stop exploitation happening in future.

Paula's story

When Paula* came to our Women’s Safehouse, she had been exploited all her life. “I had no control over where I could go,” she says. “I had my teeth knocked out by the butt of a gun, and rape and abuse were normal to me.”  

It’s hard to comprehend what a lifetime of this type of treatment can do to a person’s mental health. Now aged 30, Paula is only just able to talk about it, but she’s held some details back – they’re just too painful to relive. 

new beginnings

With Unseen’s support, Paula is now attending college. She’s also cooking and volunteering with a local charity.

Paula says: “I just want to work, to earn my own money, feel safe, that no one else wants to hurt me or use me – that is all.” 

how you can help build a better future

Paula has chosen to share her story because she wants to stop this abuse happening to others.  

You can help today by donating to our campaign so that Unseen can support more women like Paula, and use our expertise to end this cycle of abuse before it starts.  

thank you for your support

Call the UK Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline on 08000 121 700

* Names and places have been changed to protect identities