Spotlight on Child Exploitation

Nearly half of all victims of modern slavery found in the UK in 2018 were children - 3,137 of them. Most of them were British and had been trafficked within the UK. And the number of child victims found grows year on year.

These figures have been linked to a form of child criminal exploitation, sometimes called ‘county lines’. County lines is a relatively recent phenomenon in which gangs coerce children into delivering drugs to meet the demand in other cities, towns and rural areas. In fact, this form of modern slavery has become a £500 million industry in the UK alone.

There is also growing recognition of child sexual exploitation as a form of modern slavery.

Unseen wants to change these terrible statistics.

Spotlight – Awareness sessions for schools and youth

Unfortunately, many children are simply not aware that they could be at risk of exploitation or understand the mechanisms traffickers use to exploit them, such as grooming. So Unseen is rolling out Spotlight, our awareness raising programme for schools, to empower children to protect themselves and their friends against exploitation.

If you’d like to learn more about Spotlight, or find out about how to bring a session to your school, please call us on 0303 040 2888 or get in touch using the contact form - we respond quickly to enquiries.