News / 30th May 2018

Unseen working with Border Force

Unseen has been working with Border Force to warn young Brits travelling abroad for work of the dangers of modern slavery.

In a campaign targeting young Britons, travelling to destinations such as Majorca to work as touts - or PRs - for clubs, Unseen employees attended airports to raise awareness of the dangers of modern slavery and the risks young British workers faced when working as touts.

Justine Currell, Executive Director at Unseen, said "It can be really hard to tell the scale of the problem as the people doing the jobs can seem quite happy.

"But they can be stuck in situations where they are not allowed to leave, they don't have their passports and are forced to pay extortionate amounts of rent.

"We just want them to know that they have somewhere to turn - they can call our confidential helpline and there is help available."

The warnings came after the Foreign Office discovered 20 of the 25 Britons in prison in Majorca were former touts. The research showed many workers ended up in serious debt, without contracts, in expensive and poor accommodation and with their passports confiscated, which lead to some touts dealing drugs to make money and others facing sexual harassment and assault.

Unseen staff were ensuring that people travelling to destinations such as Majorca were aware of the Modern Slavery Helpline and the help, advice and support on offer if they found themselves in trouble.