News / 14th June 2018

Modern Slavery in Scotland Report

The Modern Slavery Helpline has published its report Modern Slavery in Scotland - A View From Unseen's Modern Slavery Helpline which can be found here.

The report covers October 2016 to March 2018.

This report seeks to increase the understanding of the nature and scale of human trafficking and exploitation occurring in Scotland. Helpline data provides information about where it is occurring, what sectors are being targeted by exploiters, and who is being exploited – including breakdown by gender, age, and nationality, although there is no single type of victim of human trafficking. This report also demonstrates how the Helpline supports potential victims, referring valuable information to police, and advising callers including the public, statutory agencies, and frontline professionals on a range of situations.

This report has been published to coincide with the first anniversary of the Scottish Strategy against Trafficking and Exploitation (SSTE) and to support Scotland’s efforts to raise awareness of, and prevent human trafficking and exploitation, including the efforts of the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, NGOs, businesses, and others.

172 calls and 34 online reports were received regarding Scotland cases. There were 82 cases of human trafficking and exploitation in Scotland reported with 297 potential victims of human trafficking and exploitation indicated across those cases, as there are often multiple potential victims indicated on a single case. The Helpline made 78 referrals on cases of human trafficking and exploitation including 63 referrals to Police Scotland, 13 referrals to local authorities plus others to the GLAA or an NGO.