News / 4th July 2018

Exciting new partnership with Segura Systems

'If you own a smartphone, an item of cotton clothing, and eat food, you probably have in the region of 40 to 60 slaves who work or have worked for you’, says Andrew Wallis, Unseen CEO. That’s an indication of how endemic the problems of modern slavery and exploitation are within supply chains. We're excited to announce a new partnership with Segura, a company providing supply chain clarity in a complicated world.

‘At Segura we don’t only provide our customers with a great product that can deliver supply chain transparency and insight into risk mitigation, we deeply care about the world in which we live and look to instigate change wherever we can. Every month we’re donating to Unseen so they can help more survivors to rebuild their lives. Hopefully one day, we will live in a world where no human is enslaved by another’ said Laura Houghton, Global Customer Success & Marketing Manager at Segura.

Stuart Mellis, Unseen Director of Operations, said ‘With over 40 million slaves in the world today, Unseen is obviously not going to end slavery alone, and collaboration is at the heart of how we work. Even so, it’s not often we find a company that is so closely aligned with our vision as Segura. It’s a natural partnership, and we’re thrilled to be embarking on it.’