News / 12th September 2018

Launch of Unseen Children's House

We're thrilled to announce that the Unseen Children's House, the first specialised safehouse for trafficked children in the UK, is now open and already taking referrals.

Up to two thirds of trafficked children that are found go missing within 72 hours of being placed in Local Authority care; many return to their traffickers and are re-exploited. The Unseen Children's House seeks to change this, providing highly specialist accommodation and care services to give trafficked children the intense support they need as they move from harm to safety.

The Children's House was launched with pilot funding from the Home Office, and is the focus of Unseen's BBC Radio 4 Appeal to secure longer-term funding for the charity. The appeal features Adam, an inquisitive child who loves being outdoors. He was found in the back of a lorry in England, distressed, alone, and displaying all the hallmarks of being trafficked. Adam is now safe at the Children's House , slowly learning to trust adults again and getting specialist support to help with his trauma.