News / 30th May 2019

Unseen helps to launch lorry sticker campaign

Unseen has joined forced with the international freight forwarder John Shirley Ltd, Canterbury Soroptimists and the UN to launch a new campaign this May, raising awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK and across Europe.

Stickers plastered on around 200 freight vehicles will call people to action, asking for those who suspect human trafficking or modern slavery to report it. The stickers include the number for the UK’s Modern Slavery Helpline and also contains the website address for the Helpline’s report page.

John Shirley said “People generally do not realise the sheer number of victims being forced into slavery here in the UK and abroad, often shipped unlawfully in lorries between countries, hidden from the public eye and unable to speak the native language. They are then forced to work as sex slaves or in other capacities wherever they end up.

“Hundreds of stickers with the Modern Slavery Helpline number are being placed on lorries which pass through the UK and abroad, I am fully aware of the role that lorries often play in facilitating modern day slavery. It is hoped that these stickers will help to bring this unacceptable inhumane practice to an end.”

Jane Webb, of Canterbury Soroptimists, said “Slavery continues to harm people in every country of the world. Canterbury Soroptimists campaign to improve the lives of women and girls. We want vulnerable people to know where to go for help and the public to know where to report slavery. We are grateful to our partners for their help to raise awareness throughout the UK and Europe.”

Rachel Harper, Manager of the Modern Slavery Helpline, said “These stickers, strategically placed on lorries, will crucially increase visibility of the Helpline number, making services more accessible to those in need and offering a call to action for those who suspect human trafficking. Reports to the helpline make a difference in the lives of victims. We have seen calls from members of the public or online webforms result in police action, arrests and individuals able to leave situations of exploitation to reach freedom and safety. Our trained advisors assess reported situations and work with partners to get victims the help they need. We are able to talk to callers in over 200 languages anytime, day or night.”