News / 20 May 2020

Rap artist lends voice to new Helpline film

London rap artist Shay D has lent her voice to a powerful new film highlighting the ugly truth for many modern slavery victims during the coronavirus pandemic.

The hard hitting film to promote our Modern Slavery Helpline imagines a person locked up in an ordinary house on an ordinary street, ending with the plea for a phone.

The film was put together by Marcus Iles (Executive Creative Director of global communications agency Indicia Worldwide), Irresistible films and Wake the Town music. It was directed by Keidrych Wasley with Shay D providing the voiceover.

'Creatives need two things – a clear problem to solve and a tension to build on,' says Marcus. 'With lockdown, the problem was clear enough: the needs of the most vulnerable are less visible to us when we’re stuck at home. The tension came from the fact that staying home keeps us safe, but makes these exploited men, women and children more vulnerable.'

Marcus then 'banged on every door I could to make the film happen. Fortunately, there are lots of creatives who, like me, think that it’s the responsibility of the communications industry to keep the needs of the most vulnerable in the public eye.'

Says Andrew Wallis, CEO of Unseen: 'The nail bars and car washes might have temporarily disappeared during Covid-19, but modern slavery has not disappeared with them. In fact the situation for many victims of exploitation is worse - as this brilliant film reminds us.

'A huge thanks to Marcus and the team.'

Coronavirus appeal

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, Unseen and the Modern Slavery Helpline have lost huge amounts of funding and the future is uncertain. Your support has never been more important. Please, if you can, donate now to ensure Unseen’s services can continue to give victims and survivors of modern slavery the support they deserve.