Law Enforcement

Tackling modern slavery and trafficking is not something we at Unseen can tackle in isolation. Law enforcement, governments, businesses, the media, the third sector and society at large have to be involved if we are to truly see an end to this hideous trade in our lifetime. Trafficking and slavery is a crime and we work alongside law enforcement to assist them as they work to investigate the crime, prosecute the perpetrators and protect the victims.

We have worked with law enforcement in the following ways:

  • Assisting Avon and Somerset Police to write internal policies, operating models and intranet content, external web pages
  • Developing the approach to victim care as members of the Gold and Silver strategic group for Operation Wanderer
  • Working with local policing teams as they work on Operation Breakthrough – welfare visits into establishments advertising the sale of sex
  • Working with Anti-Slavery Partnership Problem Profile Group to identify areas where potential exploitation is occurring and being involved with any subsequent police operations/involvement
  • Created an operational Problem Profile Guide to be shared with all agencies leading multi-agency visits
  • Developing and delivering training modules for different levels of officers, in conjunction with the Police
  • Researching into the impact of our training on officers about to commence
  • Working with Hampshire Police in the establishment of Anti-Slavery partnership model
  • Delivering training to North Yorkshire, Avon and Somerset and West Midlands and Dorset Constabularies
  • Advising the Welsh Anti-Slavery Commissioner on policy and strategy
  • Working with the National Policing Lead and his team to work on solutions to this issue across the South West
  • Working with the police Single Points of Contacts (SPOC's) across the South West