Strategy & Policy

Tackling modern slavery and trafficking is not something we at Unseen can tackle in isolation. Law enforcement, governments, businesses, the media, the third sector and society at large have to be involved if we are to truly see an end to this hideous trade in our lifetime. Here are some of the ways we try to impact and influence government and statutory bodies to engage them with the issue and help them to become part of the solution.

Our involvement in government strategy and policy is far reaching. Between them, our Senior Management Team:

  • Chaired the Joint Strategy Group on Modern Slavery
  • Member of the Inter Departmental Ministerial Group on Modern Slavery
  • Chaired the Private Sector Engagement Group on Modern Slavery at the Home Office
  • Members of the Government’s Stakeholder group on Modern Slavery
  • Offer expertise and advice to the Home Office's Modern Slavery Unit
  • Work with Department for Work and Pensions to check the impact of recent; benefit changes on those identified as victims of slavery
  • Work with the Modern Slavery Unit to look at the issue of Reintegration and Resettlement both in the UK and across Europe
  • Work alongside the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner
  • Chaired the Training sub-group for the Modern Slavery Unit at the Home Office, bringing together professionals from devolved Governments, Home Office, UK Border Agency, Non-Governmental Organisations and Law Enforcement with the aim of developing recommendations for the training needs of frontline professionals who may encounter potential victims of trafficking
  • Chair the regional Anti-Slavery Partnership
  • Attend the national Threat Group and Regional Strategic Governance Group (lead by national policing)
  • Member of the EU Civil Society Platform on Trafficking in Human Beings

To date we have also:

  • Conducted a research piece on training available to frontline staff and first responders
  • Reviewed statutory training packages
  • Created an agreed and suggested framework and content for a child training module
  • Created an agreed and suggested framework and content framework for an adult training module
  • Participated in National Occupational Skills Sector Council, creating NOS for professionals potentially encountering victims of slavery: Identify, assess, respond, refer, support and safeguard (more information)