Martin's Story


Martin called the Modern Slavery Helpline anxious about his friend Paul. Paul had previously had a good job as an engineer, but had been tricked into handing over his property and was now living in squalid conditions in the factory where he was forced to work, with no washing or toilet facilities.

He was given little food or pay and was physically beaten if he spoke out. His exploiter told him he had links with the police, making him fearful of going to them.

Helpline Advisor Faye gently reassured Martin that what this employer was doing was illegal and we could help his friend escape to safety.

It took several calls for Martin to admit the abuse was in fact happening to him, and to find the courage to decide he wanted to break free.

Thanks to the Helpline and police working closely together, within 24 hours Martin was safe and accessing the support he needed to start his recovery.

It takes a huge amount of courage for victims to call for help. So when they do, someone needs to be there to answer.

However, the Helpline is currently under threat due to lack of funding. We can't let victims like Martin go unseen.

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*names changes to protect identities.