Roman's Story

Teenager Roman was trafficked to the UK from Eastern Europe by an organised crime gang, and forced to work for free - supposedly to repay the cost of his ticket.

He was beaten when he complained. He called the Unseen UK Modern Slavery Helpline in a brief moment when his exploiters were away and was immediately connected to a translator. Roman told us he had repaid the cost of his ticket ‘a hundred times over’, that he wanted out, and needed help.

Helpline Advisor Ben made a plan with him, agreeing that the police needed to be involved, and setting a time and place the next day where they could find him.

Within 24 hours, Roman was on his way to a safe place. He called us back a few days later to thank us for our help and reassure us he was ok now.

Without the UK Modern Slavery Helpline, Roman would probably still be in exploitation today. And without kind and generous donations from our supporters, Unseen wouldn’t be able to operate it.

If you’d like help us continue this vital work, you can make a single donation or set up a regular monthly donation right now. Your action really will save lives.

Thank you.

*names changed to protect identities