Unseen BBC Radio 4 Appeal 2018

We are delighted to announce that Unseen's upcoming BBC Radio 4 Appeal will be presented by the historian and broadcaster David Olusoga. Highlights of David's career as a broadcaster, is presenting two BBC documentaries, Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners and Civilisations. Listen to David as he explains, in his own words, why he was moved to read our appeal and support the work of Unseen.

Listen to David Olusoga as he explains, in his own words, why he was compelled to make this appeal on behalf of Unseen.

Our appeal highlights the stories of two teenage boys, Daniel and Adam, who were both victims of child trafficking. Child trafficking is on the rise and is increasing at an alarming rate - last year over 2,000 children were identified as being trafficked here in the UK. Children as young as 12, traded as slaves and sold into forced labour or prostitution.

Unseen wants to put an end to child trafficking. We have recently opened our first safehouse for trafficked children in the UK, keeping child survivors safe, with round the clock support by a team of expert staff.

But we desperately need your help to allow us to help more children who have suffered at the hands of their traffickers. And there's so much you can do.

  • Tune in to the BBC Radio 4 Appeal when it airs on Sunday 16 September at 07.54am and again at 21.26pm, when it repeats on Thursday 20 September at 15.27, or listen via the BBC Radio 4 Appeal website
  • Donate to the appeal so we can help more victims of child trafficking and start to give these children back their childhoods
  • Share this page with everyone you know who cares about trafficked children