Prevent Forced Labour

What your business can do to prevent forced labour

The vast majority of forced labour happens in business supply chains all around the world, including the UK. Every business can make a few changes to prevent forced labour, including yours. Here are seven easy steps to get you started:

Raise awareness of modern slavery with staff

Informed staff are essential in protecting your employees and business from potential exploiters. Make sure staff are aware of how to spot the signs of forced labour by downloading the free Unseen App. Explore our handy guide on how to spot the signs and what to do if you think someone may be a potential victim.

Promote the Modern Slavery Helpline (08000 121 700)

Let potential victims or concerned staff know about Unseen’s free, 24/7, confidential Helpline. Sign up to our Be Seen, Be Heard campaign and have the Helpline’s number printed on high-vis workwear or put up Helpline posters in staff rooms and receptions.

Know where your risks are

Learn to know your potential risk areas and what can be done to strengthen your response to modern slavery by booking on to one of our expert training sessions. Bespoke training for your business is available on request.

Talk to your suppliers

The majority of forced labour is happening in supply chains all around the world, but don’t forget UK suppliers are at risk too. Make sure you speak to your suppliers regularly and ask what they are doing to reduce their modern slavery risks.

Check your HR system for duplicates

Multiple people living at the same address or with the same bank details are key indicators of forced labour. We know from experience that businesses have identified modern slavery within their workforce by checking their HR system for duplicate addresses and bank details. A simple yet effective method to protect your business from the tactics of exploiters.

Write a Modern Slavery Statement

Currently, businesses with a turnover of more than £36 million legally have to produce a Modern Slavery Statement. However, businesses below the threshold can also write a statement to show what they are doing to help eradicate this crime and to improve transparency within their supply chains. You can upload your statement to TISC Report (transparency in supply chains) and have your statement published on the central registry to let others know what you are doing. It’s free to do so, or even better, become a partner and a donation will be made to Unseen!

Make employee welfare a priority

Let any potential victims in your business know that they will be supported if they have been affected by the issue. Instil an open culture of trust amongst staff and make it clear that any concerns or questions regarding modern slavery can be reported and will be taken seriously.

For more support and advice about what you can do, please email