The Unseen Circle

The Unseen Circle is a group of extraordinary individuals committed to supporting survivors of modern slavery to rebuild their lives.

With a minimum annual gift of £3,500* you can join the Unseen Circle and choose to fund the acute, emergency care in our Safehouses for women and men, or to fund our Community Programme which supports survivors of exploitation to move on with their lives.

Download the Unseen Circle brochure here

The committed, collaborative approach of the Unseen Circle enables ongoing, compassionate support for survivors so they can create independent, safe lives for themselves. Your donation will help to provide counselling, physical health care, wellbeing activities, skills development in areas including building safe relationships and setting boundaries, all underpinned with practical, expert support to access housing, benefits, learning and employment opportunities and high quality legal advice so survivors can make good decisions about their futures.

Unseen Circle members benefit from annual Circle meet ups to discuss strategy and make funding decisions. Insight briefings about sector specific issues are on offer with the added option of joining on-line ‘teach ins’ that give you access to Unseen’s expert support staff. Annual networking opportunities enable you to meet members of Unseen’s senior leadership team and trustees as well as our wider supporter community.

The Unseen Circle is a vital link in the fight against modern slavery. Every generous donation makes a tangible difference and together, The Unseen Circle helps to transform hundreds of lives from horror to hope.

To find out more about The Unseen Circle please download our brochure or contact Sarah Moore at or call 0303 040 2888 to have a conversation.

*Tax efficient giving is welcome. We suggest that to make the most effective impact, you consider committing to three years of support for The Unseen Circle.