Leave a Legacy

Leave a Legacy

When you remember Unseen in your will you are demonstrating your commitment to a world without slavery. You will ensure survivors of the worst exploitation can find shelter to live freely and that they are supported to build resilient and independent lives.

Gifts in wills are a generous and vital source of income in the fight against modern slavery. While we cannot know what the future holds, legacy gifts mean we can look ahead and plan our work with greater confidence.

How a gift in your will can help to fight modern slavery

Your legacy could:

  • Support survivors to rebuild their lives in our safehouses
  • Enable survivors to re-integrate into the community, to access training, get jobs, find secure housing and build healthy support networks
  • Ensure schoolchildren learn about how they can keep themselves safe from exploitation and in particular 'County Lines'
  • Support our expert team to continue to influence government and decision makers so they have the information they need to disrupt and prevent modern slavery for the long term.

“I want to ensure that Unseen can continue to support women and men who have experienced the very worst of humanity. I have left a gift in my will so that survivors can reclaim their stolen lives, and their voices can be heard.”Legacy Pledger

Different ways to give in your will

Every gift, no matter what size, is valuable to Unseen and will help us to get one step closer to our vision for a world without slavery.

Your solicitor can advise you on the different ways you can choose to leave a gift, however, the most common ways are:

  • A share of your estate

Once you have provided for your loved ones, you can leave a share, or the remainder, of your estate to Unseen. This is called Residuary Gift.

  • A gift of money

You can choose to leave a specific amount of money to Unseen in your will. This is called a Pecuniary Gift.

  • A specific gift

You can leave a specific item as a gift in your will. This might be a piece of jewellery, an investment, or even a house. This is called a Specific Gift.

If you feel moved to leave a gift without restrictions regarding how Unseen uses it, this will ensure we can use your legacy across the breadth of our work, wherever the need is currently greatest.

Your solicitor will help you with the specific wording to help you communicate your wishes.

You will need to provide Unseen’s address and registered charity number to your solicitor. Our address is: Unseen, 7 Hide Market, St. Philips, Bristol, BS2 0BH. Registered charity no. 1127620 and a company limited by guarantee, registered no: 06754171.

Thank you for choosing to remember Unseen in your will

For more information contact fundraising@unseenuk.org or phone 0303 040 2888.

“I have left a gift in my will to show my commitment to a world without slavery.” Legacy Pledger