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Pan-European Victim Case Management System

The Pan-European Victim Case Management System (PE VCMS) is a system offered to NGO’s by Unseen, enabling them to increase their ability to collect, store, and manage victims' information. The project started in 2017 and is currently in its pilot phase.

The system is implemented by Unseen’s technical team who work directly with frontline NGO’s, assisting them in the successful digital transition. The team ensure the technology is fully customized for each NGO’s operations and provide ongoing training and technical support. The PE VCMS is currently being used in the UK and the Czech Republic, with the aim to spread further afield. The system is cloud-based and multi-lingual which ensures that NGOs can access their information on the move and wherever they most need it - tracking insights and managing their delivery of support from start to finish.

The PE VCMS also provides the ability to collect and analyse trends and patterns on human trafficking and modern-day slavery. This is essential for each NGO to have a better understanding of the patterns of exploitation that victims, who they support, have been through.

To make an enquiry about the Pan-European Victim Case Management System, please email us at vcms@unseenuk.org.

The project is supported by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) from the European Union.