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Pan-European Victim Case Management System

Modern Day Slavery Victim Case Management System

The Pan European Victim Case Management System (PEVCMS) has been developed by Unseen with the aim to build a comprehensive European wide dataset on victims of modern day slavery. This allows for a better understanding of modern day slavery and for prevention work to be better targeted by NGOs and governmental agencies. PEVCMS is designed to both assist front-line support staff as well as gathering detailed data on how a victim was exploited. As partners come on board, this will create a comprehensive dataset of victims data on a scale not found anywhere in Europe.

Many modern day slavery charities use paper case notes to record the support they provide, as there are no software packages to help them manage their day to day casework. This results in tiny amounts of data being available on victims backgrounds or exploitation. Unseen identified this lack of data as a major issue in allowing the sector to fully understand the scale and breadth of modern day slavery. With the help of EU funding, Unseen developed PEVCMS to overcome this lack of detailed data. PEVCMS is live and being used throughout Unseen and Caritas (Czech Republic) at their safe houses and by their outreach teams.

To make an enquiry about the Pan-European Victim Case Management System, please email us at vcms@unseenuk.org.

Comprehensive Case Management System

Case Files

PEVCMS provides a full case management system and digitizes all aspects of victim support. It provides a comprehensive back office system that gives NGOs of all sizes a modern, safe and secure way of recording the work they carry out with victims, from risk assessment, case notes to time recording and reporting.


  • Contact and Personal Information
  • On-boarding Questionnaires
  • Risk Recording and Management
  • Needs Recording and Management
  • Case Notes
  • Support Goals
  • Incident Management
  • Time Recording
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Checklists
  • File Uploads
  • Operational & Management Reporting

Victim History

One of the unique aspects of PEVCMS is that it allows for a victim’s background story to be recorded in an anonymised way so that it can be analysed with others to find patterns and trends.

PEVCMS allows for a huge amount of information to be recorded about a victim’s background.

  • Recruitment
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Exploitation
  • Finances
  • Exploiters
  • Traffickers
  • Escape

When this information is combined with the stories of hundreds of other victims, it provides a vital level of detail not held anywhere else. This is the key data that will allow charities and governmental agencies to better target preventative work.

Data Analysis

Unseen are using Microsoft Bi to analyse the anonymised data recorded through PEVCMS to provide a real-time update on the state of modern slavery within the UK as seen by the NGOs using PEVCMS. Most reports on the modern slavery sector are months if not years out of date when they are published. However using modern data analysis software, Unseen can provide a real-time view of the data.

Data analysis also allows the investigation into new patterns and trends previously not know, either related to the background of victims, how they were exploited, how they access services and even what services work better for them. Analysis can be both of the victim's data or of the NGO and how they provide support services. It allows managers to understand better the services they provide, if staff are following best practice or if support services can be improved.

PEVCMS Functionality

PEVCMS removes the need to keep paper files of the clients being supported. It is a full case management system covering all aspects of client support. It stores a wealth of data to be used on a daily basis by front line staff or reported on to allow a better view of the services an organisations provides.


This is where the basic details of a client are kept with further functionality hanging off this holding record.

  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Demographics
  • Immigration Status
  • Education Information
  • Emergency Contact Information


A case is created for each unique support provision period provided to a client. So there would be one case for when a client is in a safe house and a new case for when a client receives outreach support. The case section of PEVCMS is where all the day to day information is recorded.

  • Consent
  • NRM information
  • Personal References Numbers
  • Case Milestones
  • Exit Planning
  • Dependants
  • Initial Assessments And Screenings
  • Risks
  • Support Goals
  • Case Notes
  • Incident Reports
  • External Organisations And Contacts
  • Investigations
  • Checklists
  • File Upload

Client Story

The client Story section of PEVCMS records the background history of a victim and how they were exploited. This is the key section which will provide new information to better understand the crime of modern day slavery. The areas this section covers are:

  • Pre-Event - Events leading up to an individual being exploited (vulnerability criteria)
  • Recruitment - Events detailing the start of recruitment.
  • Transportation - A description of a period of travel or a specific leg of a journey.
  • Accommodation - A description of accommodation and any abuses suffered.
  • Employment - A description of previous work or labour and any abuses suffered.
  • Exploitation - A description of previous work or labour and any abuses suffered.
  • Exit - Details how the victim escaped from trafficking


PEVCMS has a wealth of both operational and management reporting. Report visibility restricted by organisation and user profile . Reports are interactive and can be combined into visual dashboards as seen below.

  • All Clients
  • Nationality, Religion, Sexuality
  • Open Cases And Clients
  • Language Details
  • Total Clients Org/Gend/Nat
  • Case Duration – Closure Reasons
  • Case Duration – Exit Dates
  • Case Duration – RG/CG Dates
  • Client Exits
  • Client, By Age and Gender
  • Risk By Client
  • Risk Category Breakdown
  • Risk - Previously High
  • Risks By Rating
  • Risks Currently High
  • Risk Screening Checker
  • Risk And Control Review
  • Support Goals
  • Support Goals – Status
  • Support Goals Overview
  • Support Goals Via Demographics
  • Exit Plan – Systems Review
  • Needs Assessment Checker
  • Health Needs And Organisations
  • Incident Reports
  • Time Check Report
  • Client Hours Breakdown
  • Time Entries – Managers View
  • Time Entries Managers View – LargeHours By Logger

Data Analysis

Data is analyised with the support of Microsoft PowerBI to allow in-depth analysis and visualisation using the systems powerful but simple tools. The data pulled into Microsoft BI is anonymised so no personal details can be seen. The data can then be easily manipulated and cross referenced to identify new patterns and trends.

Some of the reporting we have created so far:

  • Victims Demographics
  • Victims By Gender & Age
  • Age At Recruitment Vs Age At Service Intake
  • Types Of Exploitation
  • Methods Of Recruitment
  • Nationalities
  • Victims By Support Service
  • Gender & Exploitation Type, Via Recruitment Method
  • Gender And Age, Via Recruitment Method
  • Gender And Exploitation Type Via Nationality
  • Gender And Recruiter Via Method Of Recruitment
  • Gender Via Escape Method
  • Escape Method Via Exploitation Type
  • Support Services Provided
  • Age Of Intake Via Support Services Provided
  • Support Services Provided Via Type Of Exploitation


The aim of PEVCMS is to use the software and tools of some of the largest plays in the IT sector to bring the best capabilities to the fight against modern day slavery.

  • Salesforce - PEVCMS is built on the Salesforce.com platform allowing it to benefit from both their class leading CRM software and their worldwide technical expertise at data hosting and security. All data is held securely at Salesforce data centres across Europe so meets all regulations including GDPR.
  • Licencing - Discounted Salesforce licencing structure for NGOs through the Salesforce foundation.
  • Web-Based – PEVCMS is web-based so no special software or hardware is required, ensuring low deployment costs and access from any web device.
  • Reporting – PEVCMS use inbuilt Salesforce reports and Microsoft Bi to provide a comprehensive reporting suite for both day to day admin reports and in-depth drill-down data analysis.
  • User IDs – Each user is provided with a separate user id which defines the access they have and the actions they can carry out.
  • User Access – User access can be controlled by organisation, division, department, team, management level, etc., to ensure only the right people have access to sensitive data.

The project is supported by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) from the European Union.