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With 21 million people trapped in forced labour around the world, the chances are that most businesses have some kind of exploitation in their supply chains. By working with us and becoming a member of the Unseen Business Hub, you can develop your own modern slavery statement and get access to unique services to help you stay on top of forced labour risks in your business. We work with organisations big and small, and our fees depend on the size of your company and how you want to work with us. All profits go into funding charitable anti-slavery projects. So get in touch now.

Business Hub members include

Business Consultancy

Our Business Account Managers have extensive experience of dealing with modern slavery risks and related issues. They can help you with:

Gap analysis: receive an in-depth review of your business policies and practices.

Risk assessment: we can help you understand where your risks might be and focus efforts on those that are greatest.

Strategy development and review: always be one step ahead by working with us to develop a strong strategy that is regularly reviewed and communicated across the business and with suppliers.

Remediation support: we will support you to remediate when things go wrong so that you can ensure you are putting in solutions to prevent more people from being exploited.


Unseen offers CPD-accredited modern slavery training for businesses in all sectors and of all sizes. We deliver face-to-face or online and training is tailored to your business needs. Due to coronavirus, all face-to-face training will be delivered remotely until further notice.

business portal

Unseen’s secure Business Portal gives you access to information we receive about cases of abuse and labour exploitation related to your business or sector. To help you address and remediate any situation, your Business Account Manager will facilitate conversations with other agencies, give on-the-ground support for vulnerable workers and offer bespoke trend analysis to help you continuously improve.

try out our self-assessment

What more can you do to reduce the risk of modern slavery and exploitation in your business and supply chains? Answer Unseen’s free online questionnaire to help you work it out.

free SME toolkit

Calling all small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Contact us using the form below and we’ll send you a free, 32-page guide to dealing with the risks of modern slavery and worker exploitation in your business and supply chains. Written by experts for ethical businesses everywhere.

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