Unseen is a charity established to disrupt and challenge human trafficking at all levels.

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Floating Support Service Manager

We are recruiting an experienced service manager to manage, run and deliver our floating support services.

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Get Seen For Unseen - great success!

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in and supported our Get Seen For Unseen campaign! The week was a great success with neon events raising funds and awareness all over the country. 

We'll let you know the fundraising total shortly, but we hope you had as much fun as we did. And we won't be pestering you to wear neon again (well, not until next year anyway!). 

Unseen welcomes new Modern Slavery Bill in Queen's Speech

Unseen's CEO Andrew Wallis welcomes the announcement in the Queen's Speech today that the government is to introduce a new Modern Slavery Bill. 

“This is an opportunity to introduce real change in the UK and to lead in the fight against modern slavery at a global level.

"As an organisation that works directly with survivors we welcome the recognition that the UK must improve support for victims, and importantly continue to help them to be reintegrated into society."

Unseen is also encouraging the government to be bold and include legislation to prevent slavery in business work practices and supply chains. 

Read the full press release here.

Unseen Secures Big Lottery Funding

The funding is specifically for Unseen's WATER (Women's Anti-Trafficking Emergency Refuge) Project - the only safe-house in the South West and one of only three services in the country offering 24/7 support to victims of human trafficking - and Unseen's unique Resettlement Programme - supporting women as they continue their journey of recovery once they leave the safe-house.

The £225,337 grant is spread over two years and allows Unseen to continue to add the specialist support required to ensure survivors of human trafficking can begin the road to recovery and importantly become more resilient to being re-exploited.

Report on Modern Slavery Bill

The report from the Pre-Legislative Joint Committee to examine the UK's Draft Modern Slavery Bill acknowledges that the Centre for Social Justice's report: 'It Happens Here' was the catalyst for the government to act and bring forward proposed legislation. The report was chaired by Unseen's CEO. 

The report calls for a number of changes to the draft bill:

- More support for victims to claim compensation, including a legal fund.
- A new system of children's advocates.
- No prosecution of crimes committed by enslaved people.
- A stronger asset recovery regime to seize illicit gains.
- A rethink of recent changes to visa rules for domestic workers.
- Companies to report on efforts to eradicate slavery from their supply chains.
- The anti-slavery commissioner to be truly independent.
- The legislation to be continuously reviewed.

To view the report click here.

Unseen launches its Children's Appeal

Of the 2,255 victims of human trafficking uncovered in the UK in 2012, 549 were children - that's equivalent to 46 children per month. Unseen has been working on an accommodation and specialist care provision for this extremely vulnerable group and now desperately needs your help to open it.

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Expression of Interest - House Parents

We are seeking a 'one in a million' couple to become an integral part of this new project. 

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If you are interested in this role, please email k.molloy@unseenuk.org to receive more information.


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For referrals for accommodation or immediate advice contact Salvation Army (0300 303 8151 - 24/7 referral line), UKHTC (0844 778 2406 - 24/7 tactical advice line) or visit the UKHTC website.


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