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Take part in our Helpline Hero campaign to raise funds for the UK Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline and its essential 24/7 service.

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Tomorrow is the start of the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

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With tens of millions in forced labour around the world, the chances are most businesses will have some kind of exploitation in their supply chains. Find out how Back2Source business services can help.

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There are many ways you can help stamp out slavery for good

Jump from the sky, run a marathon or get creative and host your own event.
Collaboration is key to what we do. If your organisation shares our vision, get in touch now.
Just £13 could provide a survivor in one of our safehouses with warm, nutritious food for a week.


We offer training in modern slavery awareness and how to take action for businesses, professionals and schools.

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Signs of
modern slavery

The more we know about modern slavery, the easier it will be to tackle it. 

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