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Children's House

Over 2100 child victims of trafficking were identified in the UK in 2017. That's 40% of all victims, and the equivalent of 175 children per month.

Children as young as 12 are being sold and used for sex or as domestic slaves, forced to cultivate cannabis or run drugs, to beg, or to work in car washes, nail bars and takeaways.

Up to two thirds of trafficked children that are found go missing within 72 hours of being placed in Local Authority care.

Many of these return to their traffickers and are re-exploited. Local Authorities and foster families often lack the specialised knowledge and training to support victims of trafficking, while the psychological chains used by traffickers are strong, created through violence and threats to their family members, and through the destruction of children's self-esteem.

The Unseen Children's House aims to change this.

The Unseen Children's House is the first specialised safehouse for trafficked children in the UK. This pilot project provides highly specialist accommodation and care services to give trafficked children the intense support they need as they move from harm to safety. Staff have specialist expertise in protection of trafficked children, and provide round-the-clock care. There is also a research element to understand more about how to prevent disappearances. The project works alongside Local Authorities, providing a model that can be integrated into mainstream provision and replicated across the UK.

The Children's House was launched with pilot funding from the Home Office, and was the focus of Unseen's BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

We want to give children back their future. If you or your agency are interested in this project and would like to learn more about it, please contact us.