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Resettlement, Integration and Outreach

Our resettlement, integration and outreach (RIO) project offers a range of services for survivors, whether they are transitioning from our 24-hour safe accommodation and need support to resettle and integrate into local communities, or whether they need outreach support rather than emergency accommodation whilst awaiting a decision from the authorities surrounding their trafficking experience.

The service offers on-going support, practical and emotional assistance to victims of slavery and trafficking.

We work alongside survivors to identify their needs and assist them to access:

  • Immigration and asylum assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Emotional and mental health services
  • Physical health services
  • Understanding benefits
  • Housing and practical support
  • Building safe relationships
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Education services - learning English
  • Training and volunteering services
  • Building community
  • Faith and spirituality
  • Leisure activities and hobbies